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Ok, I'm having some problems with building boost (I need the build version)

What is the problem

Every time I try to run bootstrap.bat I get this error after a few seconds:

LINK : fatal error LNK1105: Cannot close file "bin.ntx86\b2.exe".

"cl"  "/Fdbin.ntx86/" "/Fobin.ntx86/" /Febin.ntx86\b2.exe "-DNDEBUG" "- ...

...failed [COMPILE] bin.ntx86\b2.exe...
...skipped bjam.exe for lack of b2.exe...
...failed updating 1 target...
...skipped 1 target...

System specifications

  • Windows 7
  • Visual Studio 10 Express
  • 64bit

What I already tried

  • Deactivate Comodo Internet Security Premium
  • Run vcvars32.bat
  • b2.exe is NOT running (did reboot in order to ensure)
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did you start your command prompt with administrative privileges? also there is a maximum character length of 256 with NTFS, if your filenames + directory names are too long it can cause failures –  std''OrgnlDave Jun 2 '12 at 4:03
I did run it as admin + the filename and path are way shorter than 256 chars –  user238801 Jun 2 '12 at 10:50
@Layne I don't know if you're still having this problem, but I've just had a similar problem building LibMySQL (LNK1105 errors), and deactivating Comodo Internet Security Premium was not sufficient. I had to completely uninstall it, and my problem went away. –  JBentley Jan 14 at 0:16

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I've experienced the same error. In my case that was the behavior blocker of Comodo Antivirus causing trouble.

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Exactly. I would have never thought of that. Vote up! –  LTKD Jul 10 '13 at 9:38
Removing Comodo Antivirus has fixed this error for me, as well as a host of other problems I was having with other programming tools. Note: turning it off was not sufficient for me, I had to uninstall it completely. –  JBentley Jan 14 at 0:14
Accepted in combination with the comment about uninstalling it. –  user238801 Jan 19 at 17:01

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