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can any one tell me it is possible to show different number of columns in listview

For Example:- when i see listview in portrait mode it shows 3 columns and when i see listview in landscape mode it shows 4 columns . i try to do it but my solutions doesn't work for me , i define to different layout for protrait in layout folder and landscape in layout-land folder but it doesn't seens to work for me .

Can any one tell me is it possible to achive this . 

And one More thing it possible to execute some code by checking 

For Example:-  if(this is android phone){

                  execute this code;

                if(this is android tablet){

                        execute this code;

 like iphone and ipad developer do 

                   if(this is iphone )
                    execute this code ;

                   if(this is ipad )
                    execute this code ;

because i same application is used in both phone and tablet and some one wants to show different things in phones and different in tablets .

Thanks in advance
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Try this below link for tutorial


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thanks for replying but i dont want this , i want same listview with different numbers of columns like when i use my app i portrait mode it shows 3 columns and in landscape it shows 4 columns . – Sachin Gurnani Apr 20 '12 at 10:58
 DisplayMetrics metrics = context.getResources().getDisplayMetrics();
 int width = metrics.widthPixels;
 int height = metrics.heightPixels;

this gives the dimensions of the screen and based on these values you can determine if it is a tablet.. See this link to know how to get dimensions of your device

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Create more layouts with same name in /res/layout

After selecting root element click "Next" and then choose one of the Available qualifiers (orientation) and define listView with its properties.

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i do it like this doesn't seems to work . when i start my app in portrait mode it shows as i expected but when i immediatlly turn it to landscape it not shows the containt as i expected – Sachin Gurnani Apr 20 '12 at 11:10
Tr<y not to put portrait layout in /res/layout, put it in /res/layout-port and landscape layout in /res/layout-land. And delete default layout from /res/layout.. – vtuhtan Apr 20 '12 at 11:43
Same problem as i face before – Sachin Gurnani Apr 20 '12 at 11:52

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