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How can I have file contents separated by spaces read into NetLogo as a list? For example, with a file containing data such as these:

  2321   23233  2  
  2321   3223   2
  2321   313    1
  213    321    1

I would like to create lists such as these:



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You should edit your question to make it clear that you want the first item to go in list a, the second item in list b, etc. –  Nicolas Payette Apr 20 '12 at 16:18

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Well, here is a naive way to do it:

let a []
let b []
let c []
file-open "data.txt"
while [ not file-at-end? ] [
  set a lput file-read a
  set b lput file-read b
  set c lput file-read c

It assumes the number of items in your file is a multiple of 3. You will run into trouble if it isn't.


...and here is a much longer, but also more general and robust way to do it:

to-report read-file-into-list [ filename ]
  file-open filename
  let xs []
  while [ not file-at-end? ] [
    set xs lput file-read xs
  report xs

to-report split-into-n-lists [ n xs ]
  let lists n-values n [[]]
  while [not empty? xs] [
    let items []
    repeat n [
      if not empty? xs [
        set items lput (first xs) items
        set xs but-first xs
    foreach (n-values length items [ ? ]) [
      set lists replace-item ? lists (lput (item ? items) (item ? lists))
  report lists

to setup
  let lists split-into-n-lists 3 read-file-into-list "data.txt"
  let a item 0 lists
  let b item 1 lists
  let c item 2 lists
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thanks it is work now –  ZaC Apr 21 '12 at 10:48
A variant on the file-read code is read-from-string (word "[" file-read-line "]) — this results in a list of values. Whether the trick is applicable depends on the format of the input, but it would work for ZaC's file. –  Seth Tisue Nov 19 '12 at 13:07
Hi, you can provide a code for read lists in netlogo, can't find it. –  pho3nix Nov 9 '13 at 20:36

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