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My Question is really basic.

Could be there a reason to buy an iPad 2 for iPad 2 development instead of buying the new iPad3?

I thought about resolution problems on nativ or web apps.

I would like to invest the money for the new version, but I'm not sure if its a smart idea to do so.

Thank you for any advice.

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There are many reasons to "...buy an iPad 2 for iPad 2 development...". Is it your intent to ONLY target the iPad2 and specifically NOT target the iPad3 and later devices? If so, then yes, buy an iPad2.

The question implies that you have no iPad2 yet for your development. What devices you should use for development depends upon the device features your app requires; you might not need an iPad2 or 3; the iPad1 or even the simulator may serve your purposes.

Apple (along with the typesetting industry:) has stressed for years that points are not pixels. Rendering and positioning are done in points; only bitmaps are affected by the Retina display's higher resolution. Other answers here can point you to the UIScreen scale method, which allows you to detect and act on the device's pixels/points ratio.

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I'm going to buy an iPad 2 for that. I had concerns about the Retina display but I also should concider performance and so on. –  Tobias Sarnow May 2 '12 at 12:13

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