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False, isinstance, list, int, setattr, range, and many others are being tagged as undefined. I"m running Aptana Studio 3 version 3.2.

I have run both of the interpreter updates:
- Window / Preferences / Interpreter - Python / Apply
- Properties / PyDev - PYTHONPATH / Apply
cleared error markers, etc. Nothing seems to work.


I am curious as to what happened, but my patience gave way to irritation, so I re-installed from scratch and all is well. I'm guessing the latest update from Aptana ate something that disagreed with it, but it's hard to tell. I did save the previous install in case someone has an idea for me to test.

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please explain what the problem is, and how you encounter this. – Rene Pot Apr 20 '12 at 14:36

Usually this means that PyDev was not able to create a shell/sockets to the shell (usually meaning you either have some firewall enabled blocking the communication or you have a misconfiguration in your pythonpath).

So, it'd be nice if you could share if you have something in your error log in that old installation -- but if it's all working on your new, I'm not sure it's worth the time :)

Also related:

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I had this same problem and switched to pycharm. It's wonderful!

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