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I need to get CRC64 checksum of files using PHP.

With this code

file_put_contents('example.txt', 'just an example');

echo hash_file('crc32', 'example.txt');

I get CRC32 checksum "c8c429fe";

But I need to get a checksum using CRC64 algorithm (

enter image description here)

I took it from here:

How can I implement this hashing algorithm in PHP?

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Check out the comments at – deceze Apr 20 '12 at 11:45

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Implementation crc64() on php 64bit

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hash_file is simply a wrapper that takes result from file_get_contents($file) to a wrapper, so you can use any function instead of the 'crc32'.

Do you have to use crc64? If you just want to hash files, you'll have md5 and sha at your disposal, which can be used as easily as

$hash = hash_file("sha1", $file);

otherwise, just make your own crc64 implementation and

function crc64($string){
    // your code here

$hash = hash_file("crc64", $file);
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Thank you, @nyson! Yes, I have to use CRC64, but I can't find any implementations of this algorythm in PHP. – artaskerov Apr 20 '12 at 12:06

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