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When calling methods with a signature that has a delegate, using lamba syntax, Visual Studio 2008 replaces my arbitrary parameter names with autocompleted names.

private void parseIntCell(DataGridViewCell focusCell, Action<Receipt_Detail, int> recorder)

As I type the following:

parseDecimalCell(focusCell, 2, ((x,

As soon as I type the comma, Visual Studio turns it into

parseDecimalCell(focusCell, 2, ((XmlReadMode,

What I wanted to ultimately type

parseDecimalCell(focusCell, 2, ((x,y) => x.Grower_Box_Weight = y));

Is there any way to configure my code or Visual Studio so I can enter these types of lambas without having to press esc to undo the autocomplete, while still having autocomplete for normal code work?

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Try pressing CTRL+Alt+Space together, this will not disable autocomplete but in order to autocomplete you need to select from the list.

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Rather than enclosing your lambda expression in parentheses, you could enclose the body of your lambda's function in braces, like so:

private void doSomethingWithADelegate(Action<int, int> myFunc)
    // ...

void Foo()
    int a = 0;
    doSomethingWithADelegate((x, y) => { a = a + x + y; });

When I use this syntax, Intellisense doesn't try to make any changes after typing "(x,".

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