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I am running a VB.NET program and having an error of

"Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index"

My code looks like below.

  If Status.InvokeRequired Then
            Status.Invoke(New delegateoneArg(AddressOf onChangeEvent), ws)
            Catch ex As DivideByZeroException

        End Try
    End If

I have the error in line... Status.Invoke(New delegateoneArg(AddressOf onChangeEvent), ws)

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Please, show the code of onChangeEvent. Your error is probably there. –  Steve Apr 20 '12 at 12:09

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Check the Invoke method of the status object. This is accessing an index with an out of range value.

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Check the definition of onChangeEvent handler. You may have accessed indexes there. Post more details for a robust answer.

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