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I am in the process of interionalizing my application. Lets say I have a table like this:


id | description

Then I create a table called table_priority_i18n:

id | culture | description

where id and culture are the primary key and id is foreign key to task_priority id.

To get the description I am making a left join between to tables

select tp.id, t.description 
from task_priority tp 
  left join task_priority_i18n t 
    on t.id = tp.id and t.culture = :culture.

But i would like to change my query so if there is not a translation in the i18n table it returns the value from the base table.

I know that I could remove that column i only use the i18n table but atm is too much work.

Any ideas?

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select tp.id, NVL( t.description, tp.description)
from task_priority tp 
  left outer join task_priority_i18n t 
    on t.id = tp.id 
    and t.culture = :culture
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