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Is it possible to use a background agent or a reminder to keep the wifi alive? Let's say i let a background agent open a connection to a server every minute or so... The wifi will shutdown after two minutes but then you reconnect.

Is this possible? or am i totally wrong?

This is a big problem for all Windows Phone users...

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It's not possible with a background agent.

Periodic agents typically run every 30 minutes. To optimize battery life, periodic agents may be run in alignment with other background processes and therefore the execution time may drift by up to 10 minutes.

Resource-intensive agents typically run for 10 minutes. There are other constraints that may cause an agent to be terminated early


And you can not turn on wifi without user intervention

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But when the wifi is turned on and they run my program. Then they go to the background. I use pushnotifications. Then they go in lock and the wifi stops working. So if i bring back the wifi after 10 minutes then it should work? –  Kenny Apr 23 '12 at 6:58

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