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Is their a way to access a web server such as windows server 2003 installed on a virtual box such as vmware from the host machine?

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If VMware is set to use bridged networking, then each guest OS effectively has its own IP address, like brien said, you just point your browser to that address.

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perfect, i didn't want it to take over my localhost address if possible. –  ethyreal Sep 19 '08 at 14:59

If you configure your virtual machine to use bridged networking, instead of NAT, it will have its own IP address "beside" the host machine, instead of a local IP address "behind" it. Then you can connect to the virtual machine, using that IP number.

(Disclaimer: I've used VMware workstation for several years, but not their server products.)

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Yes, you should just be able to point to the IP address of the VM.

How is your VM networking configured?

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it was set to NAT networking, but i'm going to change it to bridged and assign it an ip address now. –  ethyreal Sep 19 '08 at 15:02

I am doing this all over the place, just make sure that the vm has an ip configured.

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i believe vmware (workstation?) also has built in a virtual network client (VNC) that you can connect to - enable it by going to the configuration properties of the vm, and in the last tab there is a checkbox for it.

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IP address should do it.

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