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what is the best tutorial to understand drupal 7 core? I want to know how to easily understand comman.inc and theme.inc and all the other files added to include/ folder ?

What I have to do to understand how drupal is intiated ?

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You will get nice resources here : http://www.anilsagar.com/

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There are 2 chapters in Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 which explain how the internals work.

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Drupal has a complex architecture, there's no easy way to understand it in a short period of time; it's a 10 years project that has some really good software practices in it's core and a high knowledge level comunity.

Having learned Drupal by myself all the way from zero to publishing my own module AND after teaching Drupal to other people, I must say the best resources are:

You can get these ebooks cheap in ebook format. After that, I would complement it with some professional training video series like the ones in http://lynda.com , in particular:

  • Drupal 7 essential training
  • Drupal 7 Theming

You can get a 1 month account there for example, and rush them in 1 week (if you have the time and love). You can use some of theese resources to become proficent enough in Drupal to attack the core (wich you should never modify, but override with custom modules instead). Finally, for Drupal heavy development, I would recommend:

In this ebook, you will get all the tech details on Architecture, core libraries, hooks, database, theme system, etc. If you already know the basic drupal and are proficent in programing, grab this one instead.

Hope some of these prove useful to you! Give it some time and you will have one of the most powerful, corporative-friendly CMS in your hands!

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