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See attachement, how can I make IntelliJ download the source code from Maven in a Play Project? I know Play 2.0 uses sbt, but as I have understood sbt also uses the Maven repository infrastructure.

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I guess you need to create IntelliJ IDEA project with sources attached?

If that's the case then you can run

idea with-sources

command to make play console generate all the files required for IDEA and then open generated project. Quite possible that latest trunk of play 2.0 is required for that.

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Since play 2.0.1 please note that it's

idea sources 
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I am using Play 2.2 there are two ways If you are in the play console, I.e you have run "play" in your play project you use

idea with-sources=yes

If you have not launched the play console it is then

play idea sources

obviously you can substitute idea for eclipse if you are using eclipse ide

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