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I have created ODBS user DNS for database, opened VS, created DataSet and imported one table members. I would like to read all records from dataset, how to do that? I have tried query below but it return no result. I can preview data using preview menu in designer but do not find a way to get data using code.

    var dataSet = new DataSet1();        
    var membersDataTable = dataSet.members;

    var take = membersDataTable.Take(100);
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It looks like you have created the schema for a DataSet, but you have not run any queries to load the DataSet.

using (OdbcConnection connection = 
               new OdbcConnection(connectionString))
        string queryString = "SELECT * FROM Members";
        OdbcDataAdapter adapter = 
            new OdbcDataAdapter(queryString, connection);

        // Open the connection and fill the DataSet.
        catch (Exception ex)
        // The connection is automatically closed when the
        // code exits the using block.
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