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I have 1 text file containing Ips .Like this iptextfile.txt

And I want to select the iptextfile and export it to an other file named export.txt and looks like this:


Ip Number Num  
Ip Number Num
Ip Number Num

Could you suggest any software I can do this or some code PHP, Java or JavaScript.

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    $lines = file('ipaddresses.txt');
    $newtext = '';
    foreach ($lines as $line) 
        $newtext.= "Ip Number {$line} Num {$line}}\n";
    $handle = fopen('export.txt', 'w');
    fwrite($handle, $newtext);
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Thank you very much. it's working fine........... –  user1346598 Apr 20 '12 at 17:54

$in = fopen('iptextfile.txt','r');
$out = fopen('export.txt','w');
while($ip = trim(fgets($in))) {
    if(empty($ip)) continue;
    fputs($out, 'Ip Number '.$ip.' Num '.$ip."\n");

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