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I am using nodejs and the framework express.js to realize my website.

I am submitting a POST request on an url (/report/reportname) reportname is a variable.

so I do this :'/report/:id', function(req, res){ 
   var id=req.param('id');
   var bodyreportHtml;

The thing is that in go.prototype.runReport(id,res)
I do a res.send(bodyofthereport). So when I click on submit on my form that just redirect me on /report/nameofthereport where the pdf report is. Everything is working but I would like to put this url /report/nameofthereport (the pdf report) in an iframe. So when I submit the post request I want it just refresh the iframe and print the report in it ( the iframe is on the same page than the form). But the res.send(bodyofthereport) is essential : it prints my report at /report/nameofthereport And I can't do a res.redirect('/') because the body is finished

How can I do ?

Thanks !

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If you want to POST to an iframe, you could just set the target attribute of the form to the name of the iframe:

<form action='/report/ID' method='POST' target='FOO'></form>

<iframe name='FOO'></iframe>

Nothing node.js or Express specific about this!

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Thanks but it's probably working, but when I submit it redirect me on another page (/report/reportname). And my iframe is on (/) so i can't see if it work ! I guess it's not the form who redirect me, but the in my app.js – Louis Apr 20 '12 at 13:50

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