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I'm using the iCalcreator class to export to iCal. It's all working great but the time being set in my CMS is showing as an hour later when imported into iCal. So I'm trying to figure out how to correctly allow daylight saving to be detected. Can anyone see where/how this should be set? This is my code below:

$v = new vcalendar($config);                            

        $v->setProperty("method", "PUBLISH");                    
        $v->setProperty("x-wr-calname", "My Cal");      
        $v->setProperty("X-WR-CALDESC", "Events Calendar"); 
        $tz = "Europe/London";
        $v->setProperty("X-WR-TIMEZONE", $tz);  
        iCalUtilityFunctions::createTimezone($v, $tz);           

        // Get events
        $events = Model_Event::list_by_filter($this->filters);

        foreach ($events as $e)
            // Create an event calendar component
            $vevent = & $v->newComponent("vevent");  
            $vevent->setProperty("dtstart", date('Ymd\THis', $e->start_date));
            $vevent->setProperty("dtend", date('Ymd\THis', $e->end_date));
            $vevent->setProperty("summary", $e->title);
            $vevent->setProperty("description", strip_tags($e->content));

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"but the time being set in my CMS is showing an error later when imported into iCal" What error? –  CodeCaster Apr 20 '12 at 13:45
whoops, missed the crucial detail - the time in iCal is an hour later than that being entered in CMS –  user1153594 Apr 20 '12 at 13:52

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