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I'm working in outlook 2007 and I need to insert RTF text into the AppointmentItem. I've found a few posts that claim you are able to do it with such and such but no actual code showing how to do it. The best source that I have found so far is Here

And I followed it but in the end nothing is getting inserted into the Appointment Item.

The following is what I have:

Word.Document wd = AppointmentItem.GetInspector.WordEditor as Word.Document;

// *Assume that I have all the RTF text that I want to copy set up and ready in the clipboard and is ready to be inserted(copied) into the Appointment Item.

//This doesnt seem to work

//This also doesnt seem to work
(AppointmentItem.GetInspector.WordEditor as Word.Document).Content.Select();
(AppointmentItem.GetInspector.WordEditor as Word.Document).Content.Paste();

So according to what I've read and seen this is how your suppose to insert RTF into an appointment item, but I'm still unable to get anything into the AppointmentItem.

Now with that being said if i look at this variable:

(AppointmentItem.GetInspector.WordEditor as Word.Document).Content.Text;

But if I look at AppointmentItem.Text it is still unchanged.

Now there is not function that is AppointmentItem.paste() or AppointmentItem.text.paste() and you don't have access to the RTF variable in the appointment item.

So can anyone tell me what I'm missing? how can I paste to the AppointmentItem or actually get RTF text into the AppointmentItem.


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The problem is that you're not specifying a selection for a copy and paste. The copy-and-paste works entirely like a user doing a copy and paste, you have select a range you want first.


document.Range(0, 0).PasteAndFormat(Word.WdRecoveryType.wdPasteDefault);

A good write-up you can find similar to this is Tom_Xu MSFT write up in the thread called, "Load a .doc file content in Outlook.MailItem"

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