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I choose to use Spring Jaxb2Marshaller to support JAXB in my project, but I cannot specify a schema file in element oxm:jaxb2-marshaller, I found only a contextPath property, nothing about schema.

Must I use the old Jaxb2Marshaller config style (using beans:bean element)?

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The class Jaxb2Marshaller has a schema property, try this sample of code.

<bean id="jaxbMarshaller" class="org.springframework.oxm.jaxb.Jaxb2Marshaller">
        <property name="classesToBeBound">
        <!-- Possibly include schema for validation -->
        <property name="schema" value="classpath:schema.xsd"/>

EDIT : I think that you can't specify an XML schema directly in the config file with the new OXM balise. There is no xml element or attribut for this in the OXM XSD. But you can use the new @XmlSchema annotation directly in your "classe to bound". Look this documentation.

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thanks, your solution is pretty good but I want the oxm:jaxb2-marshaller config style, not the old fashion. I can not found any schema config property in oxm:jaxb2-marshaller element. –  xinglu Apr 20 '12 at 17:27

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