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I hava an assignment in which to create a java ee application with the ability to assign a tutor to an office, i have two entity classes one called and the other The drop downs populate but when i want to assign the two values and hit the submit button it throws a null pointer at the server.allocateTutorOffice in the java bean. I realise the problem is with the server class but I'm unsure how to change it to solve the problem.
    public void allocateTutorOffice(){
         server.allocateTutorOffice(tutor.getOfficeId(), tutor.getId());
         tutor = new Tutors();
        public void allocateTutorOffice(Offices officeId, int Id) {

            Tutors t = manager.find(Tutors.class, Id);
            //Offices o = manager.find(Offices.class, officeId);


Staff maintence.jsp
     <c:when test="${not empty param.allocate}">
                  <fmt:parseNumber var="e" type="number" value="${}" />
                  <fmt:parseNumber var="o" type="number" value="${}" />
                  <c:set var="e" scope="request" value="${tutor.tutor}"/>
                  <c:set var="o" scope="request" value="${}"/>
                  <jsp:setProperty name="e" property="officeId"/>
                  <% employee.allocateTutorOffice();%>


  <h2> Allocate Office</h2>
     <jsp:useBean id="office" class="" scope="session"/>
        <form method="post" action="StaffMaintence.jsp">
                <td>Employee Id:

                             <c:forEach var="e" items="${tutor.tutors}">
                            <option value="${}">${}</option>

                      <td>Office Id:
                            <c:forEach var="o" items="${office.offices}">
                            <option value="${}">${}</option>

                  <input type="hidden" name="id" value="${}"/>
                  <input type="submit" name="allocate" value="allocate"/></td>
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i have changed the allocate method in the server to public void allocateEmployeeOffice(int officeId, int id) { Offices o = manager.find(Offices.class, officeId); Employees e = manager.find(Employees.class, id); e.setOfficeId(o); manager.merge(e); } – Ruth28 Apr 23 '12 at 12:33

I think the object "server" is of type TutorServer. Please try to instantiate that object by doing server = new TutorServer() and then call the method allocateTutorOffice(). But i feel that you are invoking a business functionality from a bean class which is not a good design.

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