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I'm new to shell programming.

I have a String representation of a db connection looking like that:


And I would like to extract each attribute (user, password and host) from the String.

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A naive way to do it would be:

$ IFS=:@ read -a args <<< "<user>:<password>@<host>"
$ echo ${args[0]}
$ echo ${args[1]}
$ echo ${args[2]}

Obviously, this won't work if the username or password can contain a ':' or '@' character, or if your host happens to be an IPv6 address ;).

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spot on, thank you. And yes, uid and pwd will not contain those delimiters –  Joly Apr 20 '12 at 14:22
If you don't want an array: read user pass host <<< ... –  glenn jackman Apr 20 '12 at 14:34

Bash string manipulation can be done as follow:

colonPos=$(expr index "${input}" ':')
atPos=$(expr index "${input}" '@')
echo -e "input: ${input}\nuser: ${user}\npass: ${pass}\nhost: ${host}"

It also doesn't works with many : and/or @, but you can play with:

echo -e "colon(s) amount: ${colonAmount}\nat(s) amount: ${atAmount}"

Let's play with if then elif else fi using those *Amount variables to develop your own parser in bash !

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