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I want to capture the screen by rendering scene into the RenderTexture, i've tried to do this in MotionStreakExample and everything is ok, but when i copy code to my project i have this picture (maybe there are some troubles with textures... i can't understand): enter image description here

public Engine onCreateEngine(EngineOptions pEngineOptions) {
    return new Engine(pEngineOptions) {

        private boolean mRenderTextureInitialized;

        private RenderTexture mRenderTextures ;
        private Sprite mRenderTextureSprites ;

        public void onDrawFrame(final GLState pGLState) throws InterruptedException {
            final boolean firstFrame = !this.mRenderTextureInitialized;

            if(firstFrame) {
                this.mRenderTextureInitialized = true;

            final int surfaceWidth = WIDTH*2;
            final int surfaceHeight = HEIGHT;

            this.mRenderTextures.begin(pGLState, false, true);
                /* Draw current frame. */

                /* Draw previous frame with reduced alpha. */

                pGLState.orthoProjectionGLMatrixf(0, surfaceWidth, 0, surfaceHeight, -1, 1);
                    this.mRenderTextureSprites.onDraw(pGLState, this.mCamera);

            if (needToSave)
                needToSave = false;
                FSHelper.saveBitmapToFile(this.mRenderTextures.getBitmap(pGLState), SAVED_PATH+"/test.png");

            /* Flip RenderTextures. */


        private void initRenderTextures(final GLState pGLState) {
            final int surfaceWidth = WIDTH*2;
            final int surfaceHeight = HEIGHT;

            final VertexBufferObjectManager vertexBufferObjectManager = mEngine.getVertexBufferObjectManager();
                this.mRenderTextures = new RenderTexture(mEngine.getTextureManager(), surfaceWidth, surfaceHeight);

                final ITextureRegion renderTextureATextureRegion = TextureRegionFactory.extractFromTexture(this.mRenderTextures);
                this.mRenderTextureSprites = new Sprite(0, 0, renderTextureATextureRegion, vertexBufferObjectManager);

PS. this cross with red background is a sprite on my scene.

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Andengine already has an infrastructure for taking screenshots, have you tried using that? Take a look at the example: https://github.com/nicolasgramlich/AndEngineExamples/blob/GLES2/src/org/andengine/examples/ScreenCaptureExample.java

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i know about this feature (and use it now instead of described method), but maximum resolution of this screenshot is DEVICE.WIDHTxDEVICE.HEIGHT and i want a bigger one =) –  dilix Apr 20 '12 at 18:00
Maybe you could modify AndEngine's ScreenGrabber to suit your needs. Anyway, I took a closer look at the image you provided and at the code and I think I might know what's wrong. It seems you are taking the very first frame, right? The colorful mess looks like a random snapshot of memory and I have seen some indications that the textures in AndEngine are loaded asynchronously. Maybe you take the screenshot too early, before the images have completely loaded. Try giving the engine a couple of hundreds of milliseconds before taking the screenshot. –  JohnEye Apr 20 '12 at 18:18
the screenshot that i've provided is not exactly this screenshot, it has been taken with ddms (where scene need to be drawn). I see this all time. If i comment renderTextureBegin.start and renderTextureBegin.end everything is ok (on scene), but i have no rendertexture to save. When i press save button i perfrom "needToSave = true" and the taken screenshot is empty. With begin end and drawframe betwee them i can't see my scene, only this random pixels –  dilix Apr 20 '12 at 22:38
and ScreenGrabber as i see only walk through all pixels in RenderSurface and save it's color. I have to draw whole scene in virtual texture (with custom size) and then save it. –  dilix Apr 20 '12 at 22:42
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I found the answer ! Textures are loaded dynamicly and on the first frame i haven't load textures at all, because i have a choose dialog there and create all textures after it. I need to call initRenderTextures each time when textures are changed.

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Make sure you destroy the old ones! –  Nicolas Gramlich Apr 27 '12 at 16:20

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