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In my Rails app I'm using Sunspot to index a few different models. I then have a global search form which returns mixed results. This is working fine:

Sunspot.search(Person, EmailAddress, PhoneNumber, PhysicalAddress) do
  fulltext params[:q]
  paginate :per_page => 10

I would like to add an additional model, say Project, to this search. The Project model has quite a bit that is indexed:

class Project < ActiveRecord::Base
  searchable do
    string :category do
      category.name.downcase if category = self.category

    string :client do
      client.name.downcase if client = self.client

    string :status

    text :tracking_number
    text :description

    integer :category_id, :references => Category
    integer :client_id, :references => Client
    integer :tag_ids, :multiple => true, :references => Tag

    time :created_at, :trie => true
    time :updated_at, :trie => true
    time :received_at, :trie => true
    time :completed_at, :trie => true

How can I modify my original Sunspot.search call to add searching for Project records by just the tracking_number field and not the description field?

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Sunspot.search(Person, EmailAddress, PhoneNumber, PhysicalAddress, Project) do
  fulltext params[:q] do
    fields(:tracking_number, :other_fields_outside_your_project_model)

  paginate :per_page => 10

This will do full text search on tracking_number field and any other fields you specify, particularly in your Person, EmailAddress, PhoneNumber, and PhysicalAddress models.

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but how than display it in view? –  brabertaser1992 Apr 2 at 21:16
The search will return a list of matching records possibly of different types. You can display an attribute or the returned value of a method on a record after calling respond_to? on that record's attribute/method. –  konyak Apr 3 at 4:26
maybe you could give code of this? –  brabertaser1992 Apr 3 at 11:11
you should post a new question for this. –  konyak Apr 3 at 13:52

I think you have to define your tracking_number as a text field and not a string field. Full text search only on "text fields".

Did you try this :


And your sunspot search looks like :

Sunspot.search(Person, EmailAddress, PhoneNumber, PhysicalAddress, Project) do
  fulltext params[:q]
  paginate :per_page => 10

See you

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, I should probably use the text method instead. However, I was meaning for the question to focus on how to limit my search to only one field of a given model when doing a multiple-model search. I'll update the question to be more precise. –  robertwbradford Apr 25 '12 at 16:02
I made an other answer/solution –  Sebastien Apr 25 '12 at 16:43
but how than display it in view? –  brabertaser1992 Apr 2 at 21:17

Did you try something like :

Sunspot.search(Post) do
  keywords 'great pizza', :fields => [:title, :body]

You can make one request for each model and then concat your results in only one list. I think you can't make it on one search.

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Thanks again for the reply. I suppose this could work, but it seems it would break any pagination and sorting, etc. of all the results. Is there a way around this? –  robertwbradford Apr 25 '12 at 18:16
Using will_paginate you can make a pagination of your concataned array. I think it's not a problem. –  Sebastien Apr 26 '12 at 8:34
also breaks score-based automatic ordering –  Kevin Nov 13 '12 at 2:53

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