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I spent all morning in github reviewing a pull request, writing detailed comments on many lines in the Diff view on the pull-request page. I individually saved every line-by-line comment, and they all appeared in their correct places. I left the pull-request page, and when I returned to it, all my line-by-line comments were gone! I have no idea why they disappeared, where they went, whether other users can see them and I can't, what any of this means, and whether I can trust myself going forward using github, or whether I just have to go back to the telephone and fax for remote collaboration! I did some web searches such as "how to view line comments in github" for info about this, but could not find anything to relieve my panic. Will be grateful for advice and clues.

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The line-comments depend on the commit that were made on.

If the person that made the pull request rebased that commit then you're not looking at what you were previously looking. It's a different commit, thus there are no comments.

Look on the 'Your Actions' tab and find a line in the actions' history were you commented on that commit, click that commit and you'll see the comments are still there.
If the commit was rebased, you wont find that commit were it used to be (some branch) and not on any repo probably (if it's not on another branch). It is just cached by git and github, until the garbage collector kicks in.

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I'm not seeing the "your actions" tab. I looked all around the 'pull request' page, then around many other pages. I ^F searched for it on the page with the browser text search. I just don't see it! Still stuck :( –  Reb.Cabin Apr 20 '12 at 15:34
heh, it's on your dashboard, on top pic, here's a link –  c00kiemon5ter Apr 20 '12 at 15:44
Ahh! you're a lifesaver! 1MThanks. –  Reb.Cabin Apr 20 '12 at 17:05
No actions as of 2014 –  Mr_and_Mrs_D Feb 8 '14 at 21:10
I just checked, and there is a tab on the dashboard that says "Public Activity." I can see my comments from there. I'm not sure if the "Your Actions" tab exists anymore. –  Daniel Apr 14 at 17:43

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