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I'm developing an android app that uses Sensors and I would like to know the best way to detect if a device has a specific sensor, let's say, a Proximity Sensor.

Also, is there any "filter" that can be applied to the manifest so users who don't have a proximity Sensor on its device won't be able to install the app? If exists, will this "filter" also be valid on Google Play, so users won't be able to see the app? I'm a newbie on android developing, any help is very welcome. Thank you all!

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Here is a reference to working with Android sensors. –  Perception Apr 20 '12 at 15:14

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This is most likely what you are looking for in checking the features programtically

PackageManager PM= this.getPackageManager();
boolean gps = PM.hasSystemFeature(PackageManager.FEATURE_LOCATION_GPS);
boolean acc = PM.hasSystemFeature(PackageManager.FEATURE_SENSOR_ACCELEROMETER);

This link explains what you can do to filter your application in the marketplace, look specifically at the section

Market Filters

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This solves part of the problem, thanks, but how can I specify that the app requires a specific hardware (proximity sensor) on the android manifest ? –  Pedro Lobito Apr 20 '12 at 15:55
I've checked the Market Filters and voilá, <uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.sensor.proximity" />, tks ! –  Pedro Lobito Apr 20 '12 at 16:14
After putting <uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.sensor.proximity" /> in the Manifest file, Play Store says 0 devices supported :( –  Kamran Ahmed Oct 10 '14 at 3:17

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