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I am having trouble with naming the function. I have a class and I need 2 functions something like below.

class myclass {
    public function tempclass () {
        echo "default";   
    public function tempclass ( $text ) {
        echo $text;

When I call

tempclass('testing'); // ( called after creating the object )

function tempclass() is being called how can i have 2 functions with same name but different parameters?

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Why do you use quote formatting instead of code formatting for your code? –  ThiefMaster Apr 20 '12 at 15:21
@ThiefMaster oops my bad. –  Abhishek Salian Apr 20 '12 at 15:34

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Traditional overloading is not currently possible in PHP. Instead you'll need to check the arguments passed, and determine how you'd like to respond.

Check out func_num_args and func_get_args at this point. You could use both of these internally to determine how you should respond to the invocation of certain methods. For instance, in your case, you could do the following:

public function tempclass () {
  switch ( func_num_args() ) {
    case 0:
      /* Do something */
    case 1:
      /* Do something else */

Alternatively, you could provide default values for your arguments as well, and use those to determine how you ought to react:

public function tempclass ( $text = false ) {
  if ( $text ) {
    /* This method was provided with text */ 
  } else {
    /* This method was not invoked with text */
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+1, but suggest editing your answer to include reference links to func_get_args() and func_num_args(). :-) –  drrcknlsn Apr 20 '12 at 15:25
Cool thanks a lot. –  Abhishek Salian Apr 20 '12 at 15:37

Overloading isn't possible in PHP.

However, for your simple example above, something like this would work:

class myclass {
    public function tempclass ($text='Default') {
        echo $text;
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Made a change that I think that you may agree with. –  Ed Heal Apr 20 '12 at 15:28
Completely! Didn't even think of that =) –  Nick Apr 20 '12 at 15:33
Your on-line contact form does not work. You live in Scotland, so do I. My contact details are available through this sight. –  Ed Heal Apr 20 '12 at 15:46

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