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using node http package it doesn't seem possible to catch the exception caused by opening a bad URL. This is a problem, because it kills my cluster, which I'd like to guarantee will live forever

Here's the code: (uses fibers.promise)

function openConnection(dest, port, contentType, method, throwErrorOnBadStatus)
  "use strict";
  assert.ok(dest, "generalUtilities.openConnection: dest is null");
  //dest = dest.replace('//','/');
  console.log('opening connection: ' + dest + " contentType: " + contentType);
  var prom = promise(),
    errProm = promise(),
    ar = [],
    urlParts = url.parse(dest),
  //console.log('urlParts.port: ' + urlParts.port);
  if (port) {
    urlParts.port = port;
  } else if (!urlParts.port) {
    urlParts.port = 80;
  if (contentType) {
    urlParts.accept = contentType;
  } else {
    urlParts.contentType = 'text/html';
  if (!urlParts.method) {
    if (method) {
      urlParts.method = method;
    } else {
      urlParts.method = 'GET';
  try {
    httpClient = http.createClient(urlParts.port, urlParts.hostname);
    req = httpClient.request(urlParts.method, urlParts.path, urlParts);
  //console.log('req: ' + req);
  //if (req.connection) {
  //  req.connection.setTimeout(HTTP_REQUEST_TIMEOUT);
  //else {
  //  throw new Error ("No Connection Established!");
    req.on('response', prom);
    req.on('error', errProm);
    got = promise.waitAny(prom, errProm);
    if (got === errProm) {
      //assert.ifError(errProm.get(), HTTP_REQUEST_TIMEOUT_MSG + dest);
      throw new Error(HTTP_REQUEST_TIMEOUT_MSG + dest + ': ' + got.get());
    res = prom.get();
    ar.res = res;
    ar.statusCode = res.statusCode;
    if (ar.statusCode >= 300 && throwErrorOnBadStatus) {
      assert.ifError("page not found!");
    return ar;
  catch (err) {

and here's how I tested it

var promise = require('fibers-promise');
var gu = require("../src/utils/generalutilities.js");

var brokenSite = '';
promise.start(function () {
  try {
    gu.openConnection(brokenSite, null, null, "GET", true);
  catch (err) {
    console.log('got: ' + err);

When I run this code I get:

Error: getaddrinfo ENOENT. It is never caught in the try catch

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Please use proper code formatting in the future. You just indent the whole code block by four spaces. Do not use <pre><code>. – loganfsmyth Apr 20 '12 at 16:15
So, what is the stack trace on the error? – loganfsmyth Apr 20 '12 at 16:26
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It works for me, when supplying an error handler for the request:

req.on('error', errorHandler);

I see that you also do that, but you set it after issuing


Could you try issuing the end() after you attached the error handler?

As a side note, I really recommend request, as it handles issues like this with sensible defaults. It's really a breeze to work with.

Edit: Here is a simple example showing that attaching an error handler lets me handle ENOENT/ENOTFOUND errors:

var http = require('http');

var req = http.request({hostname: ''}, function(err, res) {
    if(err) return console.error(err);
    console.log('got response!');

req.on('error', function(err) {
    console.error('error!', err);

Another piece of valuable information: I'm not sure how it fits in with fibers, but in general, you should never throw in nodejs asynchronous code. It rarely works the way you want. Instead, use the standard practice of passing any error as the first parameter to the next callback, and handle the error where it makes sense (usually, high up in the call chain where you can do something sensible with it).

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Moving my end statement didn't work but I got it to work using request - I agree this library adds a lot to the basic http package! – ControlAltDel Apr 20 '12 at 17:40

You can scrape the page for the error code.

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It never even makes it to the page. It shoots me out with getaddrinfo ENOENT – ControlAltDel Apr 20 '12 at 15:30

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