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Suppose I am firing query that will upadte data if all value are available else will run with 0 rows updated. So How to get those 0 rows updated query/data from Oracle db in PHP?

In my script, I am updating table if item_flag is N, item_name is stored in $sku so checking with that & site_code is in $final_code so all these in where condition. so if update query runs successfully with value updation then I am taking execution result in $result & updating status of Mysql table.

But what happened is when there is some data not present say $sku in update query then query runs with 0 rows updated...& likewise it will move to if($result) loop & update the status which I don't want as practically data/row is not get updated...

so How to get 0 rows updated query/data from Oracle in PHP?

        --------------some code above--------

            $query_ora_update = "UPDATE ITEM_DETAILS SET ITEM_FLAG= 'Y', LAST_UPDATE_DATE = sysdate WHERE ITEM_NAME = '$sku' AND SITE_CODE = '$final_code' AND ITEM_FLAG = 'N' ";
            $parse_result = oci_parse($conn,$query_ora_update);
            $result = oci_execute($parse_result);                          


               $query_update_alert = "UPDATE product_creation SET alert_status =1 where 
                    entity_id = $entity_id and sku = '$sku' and alert_status = 0";

$result_query_update_alert = mysql_query($query_update_alert);

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Use oci_num_rows function. Documentation Here

EDIT: Example Code

$parse_result = oci_parse($conn,$query_ora_update);             
$result = oci_execute($parse_result);   
$row_count = oci_num_rows($parse_result);                                    
if($row_count > 0)
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ok..but how to find that which data gives 0 rows updated result... – Prat Apr 20 '12 at 16:01
Added sample code to answer. – Adam Hawkes Apr 20 '12 at 21:31

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