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I am using X-Cart Pro 4.4.5.

While displaying the details of product when user clicks on any product, i want to display the Seller info as well, that who is selling that product.

See below link how X-Cart displays its product detail:

And now see below link to get idea how seller info should be included, it will show the vendor name ofr e.g, "Ships from/sold by World Wide Stereo (Who's this?)"

Now question is, do we have any module ready for displaying the seller info in product detail page?

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We are not aware of such mods I fear. Try to find something at

But displaying a seller/provider's name in product description page is not a big customization of X-Cart. Each product in X-Cart comes with seller data and you just need to edit product.tpl template file to display "provider" info where you need.

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