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I have a case when I need localhost:3000/dashboard to point to different view/controller combinations based on the type of the user. Two main types in my application are Subscriber and Publisher.

When Publisher logs in and goes to /dashboard I need to show the Publisher Dashboard.

When Subscriber logs in and goes to /dashboard I need to show the Subscriber Dashboard.

At this moment Publisher's dashboard is called Dashboard and subscriber's dashboard is called Profile. Seems to me a little dirty.

The question is. What is the best way to call the right controller, load the right data and render the right template/layout based on a type of a particular user?

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I would consider something like the following pseudo code to get you started.



class Dashboard < ApplicationController

def index      
  render, :user_type => current_user.user_type

View: (Use the helper to change what will be displayed).


# display the content


module DashboardHelper(user_type)
if user_type == 'publisher'
  #set content / variables for publisher
elsif user_type == 'Subscriber'
  #set content / variables for subscriber
  set content/variables to default.
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Thanks Michael! However, the way I wanted to implement it differs from your suggestion, I did followed your suggestion. The code looks like this: def index @publisher = @subscriber = current_user render template: "#{current_user.type.underscore.pluralize}/dashboard" end – Ivan Apr 21 '12 at 12:10

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