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I'm writing an application in C that requires multiple threads to request a unique transaction ID from a function as shown below;

struct list{
  int id;
  struct list *next

function generate_id()
  linked-list is built here to hold 10 millions 

How can I sync between two or more threads so that their transaction ID be unique among them without using mutex, is it possible?

Please share anything even if I need to change linked list to something else.

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To me it's not clear how the generation of the transaction id is related to the linked list. The knowledge of how the ID is generated is IMO required for an appropriate answer. – Sebastian Dressler Apr 20 '12 at 16:29

Let me first guess what you are trying to do(correct me if I am wrong):

Call the function "generate_id" from each thread and manipulate a global counter to assign unique ids to each linked-list node.

In doing so, you obviously need to have mutual exclusion. In addition to mutex, it can be also achieved by using atomic operations like "test-and-test-and-set" or "compare-and-swap".

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