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I am just getting started with couchdb in nodejs. I am looking for a tutorial or article that would help me get started or at least some lines of code. I don't want to use any module for db abstraction because that would defeat the purpose of learning . I am looking to make my own module that works with Couch and from my understanding this could easily be accomplished with the request module but I haven't found anything about this. Thanks!

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I wrote a blog post about this, hope it's helpful to you:

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I've actually looked through your module last night trying to figure out how things are working :D – andrei Apr 20 '12 at 20:52

Check out this module: it's very helpful to getting started with couchdb on nodejs. Just take a look at the main readme on github

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Check out Nano:

It's exactly what you're trying to do.

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For getting started with working with CouchDB without a nice in-between like cradle, I'd recommend CouchDB: The Definitive Guide. It helped me immensely when developing CouchQueue, a Node.js module for creating queues out of CouchDB databases.

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Nano is the simplest way to interact with CouchDB.

You can also go for Cradle(A high-level, caching, CouchDB client for Node.js)-

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