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I want to use the extjs 4 framework to develop a Web application. It is my first contact with this framework so i started with the tutorials from Sencha. But there is one problem with the mvc tut and i can't find my fault.

At first I have to create following folder structure:


But when I start the webside the developer tools from google chrome create this exception:

http://localhost/account_manager/app/app/controller/Users.js?_dc=1334940930898 404 (Not Found)

It seems like he is searching for another folder "app". But i don't now how i can change this. Here is my code from the app.js:

name: 'AM', appFolder: 'app', controllers: [ 'Users'], ....launch function etc.. });

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You should create following structure:

- index.html
- app.js
- app/
  - controller/
    - Users.js
  - view/
    - Users.js
  - model/
  - store/
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AccountManager working demo here http://ext4all.com/post/extjs-4-mvc-application-architecture

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