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I want to create a territories map on Google Maps that follows zip code boundaries but have some of my territories include multiple zip codes. I was wondering if there is a way to do this by listing which of google's pre-mapped zip code boundaries (with the hope that Google has a zip code boundary list to pull from?) I would like to combine in each group.

For example:

Territory A:

Then have,

Territory B:

And so on covering the entire USA.

Any tips or advice would be great. I'm looking to use pre-defined boundaries so it will be easier to update and any zip code changes country-wide will automatically be accounted for.


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Google's Zip Code Boundaries are not available through the API or for download or any other mechanism. That is solely a feature of maps.google.com. To do this, you would have to source the data yourself. There are a number of companies that do this, just search on zip code boundaries download. The US Census provides something called a Zip Code Tabulation Area, which is not the same but related and potentially useful.

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