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Trying to pass in a value for a input in a form seems to yield no results. The documentation for the helper inputText shows a value option as a part of the creation of the input, but I am not sure how to pass in the desired parameters to the constructor.

I am passing in the parameters as follows:

@inputText(accountForm("accountName"), args = '_label -> "Account Name: ", '_value -> "Test")
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The value parameter you see in the helper inputText comes from the Field class. If you want to give your field a default value, you have to set the value in your Controller. You can set default values by using the fill method from the Form class.

Note: there is also the HTML5 placeholder attribute. You can pass this attribute with the inputText helper: @inputText(accountForm("accountName"), 'placeholder -> "Test")

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You can fill in the Form class as suggested by Li-o or can override the form value in the template itself like this. This will set it to "Test" or the value of "variable".

@inputText(accountForm("accountName").copy(value=Some("Test")), args = '_label -> "Account Name: ")
@inputText(accountForm("accountName").copy(value=Some(variable)), args = '_label -> "Account Name: ")
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I think the syntax could be something like this: accountForm("accountName").copy(value= Option[String]("Test")) – Ruraj Oct 29 '14 at 3:14

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