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I have a plugin definedlike so:

(function( $ ){
    var mymethods = {
        init: function(opts) {
            // do some wild awesome magic
            if (opts.drawtablefirst) $(this).drawtable(); // This doesn't actually work of course

        drawtable: function() {
            $(this).empty().append($("<table>")); // Empty table, I know...

    // Trackman table
    $.fn.myplugin = function(method) {

        if (mymethods[method] ) {
            return mymethods[method].apply(this,, 1));
        } else if (typeof method === 'object' || !method ) {
            return mymethods.init.apply(this, arguments);
})( jQuery );

I want to be able to call the drawtable method from the init method, but that approach isn't working. I instantiate my plugin mostly like:

$("div#container").myplugin({drawtablefirst: true})

But sometimes I don't want to pass drawtablefirst and then later call it manually, like:


What is the best way to configure this so drawtable is an accessible plugin method, but also can be called from within the plugin methods themselves such as init?

Also, accessing the original element in drawtable via $(this) doesn't seem to work. What's the proper approach there?


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this solution uses jQuery-ui 1.7+ .widget functionality, here's an excellent link to what you get for free

   //...any other opts you want
  // do some wild awesome magic
  if (this.options.drawtablefirst){
   this.drawtable(); // This actually works now of course
 //any function you do not put an underscore in front of can be called via .myPlugin("name", //args)
 drawtable: function() {
   this.element.empty().append($("<table>")); // Empty table, I know...
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Ooh, widgets are much more sexy than UI plugins. I'll take a look... – Wells Apr 20 '12 at 18:43

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