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I am using Flare3D to load a small city modeled for a game. I have a problem when creating and panning the game environment.

I am going to create a small model city by using 3ds Max and exporting it to f3d format. I am currently using a Viewer3D to load the model created. But the problem is by using a Viewer3D, the user is able to pan the view and he can view the downside of the city also (the ground plane) by dragging the mouse. Also when zooming out,the city becomes small and the dark grey area also comes into the scene which looks ugly. So what can I do for it. Should I use Scene3D(which cannot be panned) instead of Viewer3D and use a custom camera and code to render the scene out? (for an example a model walks in the city and camera follows him) please help me. thanks here is the code I am using

        scene = new Viewer3D(this.parent);


        var city:Pivot3D = scene.addChildFromFile("./resources/city.f3d");


        scene.addEventListener( Scene3D.COMPLETE_EVENT, completeEvent );

        this.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, updateScene);

for above reply please follow the link alcity

Finally I created a Scene3D (which does not allow the panning) and control the character movement at the scene Update Event. Then the last 2 lines allow to camera to follow the character. This works fine for now and Still I want to write a Custom code to pan the Scene3D camera. thanks.refer Building a 3D Flash game with Flare3D and Stage3D

 protected function gameLogics():void

         if(Input3D.keyDown(Input3D.LEFT)) _model.rotateY(-2);

         if(Input3D.keyDown(Input3D.RIGHT)) _model.rotateY(+2);


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Doesn't Flare3D offer a wide variety of camera's to choose from? Follow cams, cams with constraints, etc. –  Torious Apr 20 '12 at 22:01
Thanks Torious and Basically what I want is create a skybox like thing So that we can hide the empty area in the model. Thank you so much for the answer. –  Dasun Nayanajith Apr 21 '12 at 5:29

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