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I am a beginner at C#/WPF and am trying to use the Xceed PropertyGrid. On their site they show an example:

 <xctk:PropertyGrid x:Name="_propertyGrid" Width="450" Margin="10"
            <!-- Only the following properties will be displayed in the PropertyGrid -->
                <xctk:PropertyDefinition Name="FirstName" />
                <xctk:PropertyDefinition Name="FavoriteColor" />
                <xctk:PropertyDefinition Name="PetNames" />

Which I have plugged in to my xaml. I see the PropertyGrid View however I do not see any of the property definitions. I feel like I must be missing something basic? Am I supposed to add anything to the code-behind?

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Maybe remove this line AutoGenerateProperties="False"? –  Kevin DiTraglia Apr 20 '12 at 18:58
i've tried this already, no luck unfortunately –  lost_bits1110 Apr 20 '12 at 19:14

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I found the solution here: http://wpftoolkit.codeplex.com/discussions/353017

Also, you can download the source on the Xceed website. This comes up with samples using propertygrid which helped me as well. The trick is assigning PropertyGrid's 'SelectedObject'.

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