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I just started developing a Facebook App. I'm having trouble understanding some things working with Heroku, the free hosting platform for the apps.

So I created the App on Facebook. And from Heroku, I renamed the App. And from Facebook under App on Facebook, I changed Canvas URL and Secure Canvas URL accordingly. But the Hosting URL still has the old URL which was given when I created the app. The only option given is to remove it. How can I edit this and give the new URL?

Guidance would be greatly appreciated as I'm really confused with this. Thank you.

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I actually doesn't matter, make sure you update the canvas url and site url. I should work – Dhiraj Bodicherla Apr 21 '12 at 6:04

Yes, I'm same problem like you.

The reason why removing Hosting URL is I don't want auto-generated url something like ''

When I removed this url, however, Facebook authentication doesn't work anymore. So my recipe is,

  • Change app name whatever you want.
  • Just remove it hostring url.
  • Reconfigure heroku's config var using CLI.

    $heroku config:add FACEBOOK_APP_ID=yours FACEBOOK_SECRET=yours

You can figure it out heroku config -s current variables. Check in your Facebook/Heroku sample app folder for more detail.

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I actually had a similar issue when I decided to change the app name on heroku. After a little bit of research I realized that if toy only change the items it allows you to change, facebook will still direct to your heroku app page.

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