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I have a sql table called bids

I have the the following colums, B_id, Uid, Fid, Amount.

B_id will auto increment by default, Uid = user id, Fid = field id, and amount is the int submitted into the field.

So I may have a table like the folowing

1 1 1 1 (the first 1 = B_id, 2nd 1 = the user. third = the field and the 4th = amount)
2 1 2 1 (same as above but in a different field
3 2 1 1 (same as the first but with a different user)
4 2 2 2 (same user as above but in different field and different amount)
5 1 1 1 (same as first row)

ok so what I want to do is user a statement to select all submissions by a given user. so something like "select * From (bids) where Uid='1'"

Which will return
1 1 1 1
2 1 2 1
5 1 1 1
(all rows where uid 1 has entered an amount into any field)

but I want the amounts submitted in the same fields to be added together, (I wont need the B_id nor the uid)

So I need the above table to look like

1 2 (user submit 3 amounts in total 2 amount into field 1)
2 1 ( and 1 amount in field 2)

So what php can I use to get the table from how I have it to how I want it?

Thanks for any help

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Do you need to do this in PHP or can you do it in the query itself? –  Matthew Apr 20 '12 at 19:00

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If you can do this just with the query (which is where it belongs, in my opinion rather than the PHP) it might look like this;

    ,SUM(Bids.[Amount]) AS AmountSum
    Bids.[UID] = 1
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