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I have QA environment for an application on which many users will be testing from time to time. Many of the features involve sending email, and I don't want the system sending email to customers.

Typically, the specifiedPickupDirectory feature is used in web.config to change how the app sends email, and that's fine for me as a developer. But a folder full of guid-named files doesn't really work for the people who will be testing.

Has anyone ever seen a web front-end to a folder of email messages that lets multiple testers verify what the system has sent? No permissions, or anything like that required, just let them see all the messages by sent time, from, and to addresses, and either display the message onscreen or open it in outlook.

I'm assuming the simplest implementation for a .NET app would just read from a specifiedPickupDirectory, but a more full-featured solution that implemented the SMTP server connection and then stored the messages would be fine as well. Has anyone seen this?

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Perhaps you could share specifiedPickupDirectory and have the testers use a tool like EML Viewer as a front-end, in the absence of a web-based viewer. It has an e-mail client-like interface so should be a bit easier to search through than a folder full of GUID file names.

Caveat: I haven't used EML Viewer so I can't vouch for how well it works (or doesn't work).

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This answer might be a bit late to your question, but I had the same problem and wrote a simple web viewer for the pickup folder.


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