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I want to measure time taken to send varying amount of data between two systems over a LAN.

I want to code in C.

Any one has any idea how to go about it?


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Make a simple echo client server and measure the time it took from send to reply

functions you'll need bind socket listen accept read write. All the documentation is found in the man pages (2).

int sock = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, 0);
char buf[1024];
struct sockadd_in host;
/* ... set up params ... */
int connfd = connect(sock, &host)

time_t now = time(NULL);
time_t then = 0;
time_t delta_t = 0;
write(connfd, "hi", strlen("hi"));
read(connfd, buf,1024); 
then = time(NULL);

delta_t = then - now;

This is sort of how it should look (rough pseudo/C code)

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