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i have 3 tabs navigation and the content of each tab is different obviously. i'm thinking about using StateManager in Emberjs to manager my tab views.

is that a good idea? or is there a better router out there? i've looked at

  1. sproutcore-routing
  2. ember-routemanager

are those better than the statemanager? what's the reason not to use statemanager?

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You can use something along this lines, see


<script type="text/x-handlebars" >
        <li {{action "showFirst" target="App.stateManager"}} >First tab</li>
        <li {{action "showSecond" target="App.stateManager"}} >Second tab</li>
    <div class="tab-content" ></div>

<script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="first" >
<script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="second" >


App.stateManager = Ember.StateManager.create({
    rootElement: '.tab-content',
    initialState: 'firstTab',

    showFirst: function(manager) {
    showSecond: function(manager) {

    firstTab: Ember.ViewState.create({
        view: Ember.View.extend({ templateName: 'first' })
    secondTab: Ember.ViewState.create({
        view: Ember.View.extend({ templateName: 'second' })

Also take a look at the blog post Anatomy of an Ember.js App Part I Redux: Routing and Outlets.

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Trying to look for a solution now, but this doesn't work in 1.0pre - – rickyduck Sep 7 '12 at 14:01

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