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Hi i want to put two div in a zend view. After i want to have the two div in different position. My problem is that i want to have the normal content adn i want to add another div that rapresent the side menu For example my view is:

<div id="view-menuscritte"> 
List menu   
<div id="view-content">
    echo $this->errorMessage;
    echo $this->form;

When I use in my layout

<div id="menu"> 
    <img id="menusopra" src=<?php echo $this->baseUrl().'/img/menusopra.jpg'; ?> >
    <div id="menuscrittegenerale">
        <?php echo $this->layout()->menuscritte; ?>
    <img id="menusotto" src=<?php echo $this->baseUrl().'/img/menusotto.jpg'; ?> 

<div id="contentgenerale">
<?php echo $this->layout()->content; ?>

The problem is that the two div (->content and ->menuscritte) are in the same div. view-menuscritte is not in menuscrittegenerale where it could be.

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Inside folder of layout.phtml , create menu.phtml cut and paste following content from your view into menu.phtml

<div id="view-menuscritte"> 
List menu   

Now in your layout.phtml replace

 <?php echo $this->layout()->menuscritte; ?>


<?php echo $this->partial('menu.phtml);?>
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it works...thanks!!! – Simone Apr 21 '12 at 11:01

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