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Android - I want to get a number input from the user into an EditText - it needs to be separated by spaces - every 4 characters. Example: 123456781234 -> 1234 5678 1234

This is only for visual purpose. However i need the string without spaces for further usage.

What is the easiest way I can do this?

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You need to use TextWatcher to achieve visual purpose spaces.

And use any simply split string by space logic to join it back or loop through the entire string per character wise and eliminate (char) 32 from the string

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as @waqas pointed out, you'll need to use a TextWatcher if your aim is to make this happen as the user types the number. Here is one potential way you could achieve the spaces:

StringBuilder s;
s = new StringBuilder(yourTxtView.getText().toString());

for(int i = 4; i < s.length(); i += 5){
    s.insert(i, " ");

Whenever you need to get the String without spaces do this:

String str = yourTxtView.getText().toString().replace(" ", "");
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Here is a little help function. For your example you would call it with

addPadding(" ", "123456781234", 4);

 * @brief Insert arbitrary string at regular interval into another string 
 * @param t String to insert every 'num' characters
 * @param s String to format
 * @param num Group size
 * @return
private String addPadding(String t, String s, int num) {
    StringBuilder retVal;

    if (null == s || 0 >= num) {
        throw new IllegalArgumentException("Don't be silly");

    if (s.length() <= num) {
        //String to small, do nothing
        return s;

    retVal = new StringBuilder(s);

    for(int i = retVal.length(); i > 0; i -= num){
        retVal.insert(i, t);
    return retVal.toString();
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