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I try to compare some date with jodaTime, i use week and year to compare date

DateMidnight endDate01 = new DateMidnight().withYear(2012).withWeekyear(37);
DateMidnight endDate02 = new DateMidnight().withYear(2012).withWeekyear(38);

endDate01.isBefore(endDate02); //return false

I don't understand why endDate01 seem greater the endDate02.

Maybe a bug?

DateMidnight endDate01 = new DateMidnight();


System.out.println(o1.getEndWeekPeriod() + " " + o1.getEndYearPeriod());
System.out.println(endDate01.getWeekOfWeekyear() + " " + endDate01.getYearOfEra());

i get

37 2012

16 2012

should get the same result, no?

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Maybe it's because endDate02 was instantiated a short period of time after endDate01? –  Hassan Apr 20 '12 at 20:06
Strange, the same code returns true in my machine? –  SelimOber Apr 20 '12 at 20:18

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DateTime firstDate = new DateTime();
firstDate.withWeekyear(2012) /* represents the 2012 with number of weeks in it (I thing the algorith is the difference between first week in 1970) */
firstDate.withWeekOfWeekyear(29) /* now you have the 29th week of 2012 */
firstDate.withDayOfWeek(1) /* now you have 29th week of 2012 and Monday */

Now you set the date! Set the second this way and compare them.

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those both code work fine

DateTime dt = new DateTime(); 
dt = dt.withWeekOfWeekyear(29); 
dt = dt.withWeekyear(2011);

DateMidnight dt2 = new DateMidnight().withWeekOfWeekyear(29).withYear(2011);
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withWeekyear isn't the same as withWeekOfWeekyear. I'm not 100% sure what withWeekyear does instead, I think if you mean the 37th week of 2012, you should use withWeekOfWeekyear instead.

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