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I'm using a card layout for creating a series of panels.

I created a JFrame class. And to the instance of this frame class, obtained contentPane and set CardLayout. Added all the panels to this contentPane.

public class JFrameClass1234 extends javax.swing.JFrame {
public static JFrameClass1234 jFrameInstance1234;
public static JPanelFirstScreen jPanelFirstScreen;
public static JPanelSecondScreen jPanelSecondScreen;
public static JPanelThirdScreen jPanelThirdScreen;
public static JPanelFourthScreen jPanelFourthScreen;
public static JPanelFifthScreen jPanelFifthScreen;

public static void main(String args[]) {

java.awt.EventQueue.invokeLater(new Runnable() {

        public void run() {

           jFrameInstance1234 = new JFrameClass1234();

           jPanelFirstScreen = new JPanelFirstScreen();
           jPanelSecondScreen = new JPanelSecondScreen();
           jPanelThirdScreen = new JPanelThirdScreen();
           jPanelFourthScreen = new JPanelFourthScreen();
           jPanelFifthScreen = new JPanelFifthScreen();

           final Container pane = jFrameInstance1234.getContentPane();
           CardLayout cl = (CardLayout)(pane.getLayout());
 , card1);

}//end of class

Now, I'm able to move between panels by calling the following methods inside the "Next" or "Back" button action listners of each panel:

//For going back to previous panel
private void gotoPreviousPanel() {
final Container pane = JFrameClass1234.jFrameInstance1234.getContentPane();
CardLayout cl = (CardLayout) (pane.getLayout());, JFrameClass1234.card1);

//For going to next panel
private void gotoNextPanel() {
    final Container pane = JFrameClass1234.jFrameInstance1234
    CardLayout cl = (CardLayout) (pane.getLayout());, JFrameClass1234.card3);

But when I move between panels, the values are retaining (Not getting reset or reload). I want to reset or reload the panels when I move back and fro between panels. Or say a "textbox" in second panel should always be reloaded when shown, depending on the "ComboBox" option selected in the first panel. CAN SOMEBODY HELP me for achieving this???

What must be ideal design(logic) I must follow for such situations? Is there any documentations specific to my situation? Is the way I'm following using card layout is correct? else recommend me correct design.

Thanks, Chandra

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You can declare one Singleton class with properties (from different UI panels you have). Also, declare an interface with a method updateUIFields() and have all the panels implement this interface. Update the singleton object as you update fields in one panel(currently displayed panel). Before switching to a different panel in the card, reload or reset based on the selection/values you have stored in the singleton object. Implement this logic in the interface method. Reset the values in the Singleton object if required.

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You may try adding the ancestorListener() to the JPanel compoenent being refreshed.

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