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I am attempting to write Task Items, for Outlook 2010, to an iCalendar file in order to be imported into Outlook.

I've looked through the specifications for both MS-OXCICAL and MS-OXCMSG (Calendar and Message) for Outlook and it appears as if they mention the ability to import/export tasks. The problem is that the only mention is in the Introduction and includes literally no explanation on the syntax or how to store Task Items in an ICS or MSG file.

Upon doing more research, VTODO was used for Task Items in the past and appears to no longer be supported as far as I can tell.

Any direction or help on this topic would be greatly appreciated!

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The specs describe how your code would need to process iCal/vTodo data to make sure Outlook/Exchange are happy.

You can either write the code yourself or you can use Redemption and the RDOMail object - its SaveAs method allows to export Outlook items in the iCal and vTodo formats (among others) and the Import method allows to import iCal and vTodo files into Outlook.

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