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im planning to do a percentage visualisation using a circle, and am currently trying to figure out what framework / technique to use.

i have used corePlot for graphs so far and have been wondering if it might be an option

my ideas are so far:

1: use a Core Plot piechart and add a covering circle layer in the middle
2: try to use quartz 2d to do it somehow

attached is a mockup how it should look like so you get an idea:

enter image description here

what do you think might be the best approach here? id like avoid using cover-up subviews and such..

is there any simple solution i might be missing?

thanks in advance sebastian

(PS: i do not hope for any code here, just a general fingerpoint to the right direction)

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As more of an alternative than an actual straightforward CorePlot answer, you could display your percentage in a customized version of the UICircularProgressView control which I can personally vouch for.

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wow! this is spectacular. exactly one hundred percent what i was looking for! have big thanks! –  Sebastian Flückiger Apr 20 '12 at 21:04

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