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This works great

    @nav.on 'click', ->
        _this.mover _this.nav.index $(@)

but I am wondering if I can use a fat arrow instead like this

    @nav.on 'click', =>
        @mover @nav.index $(????)

but what would I put in place of @ that will result in this instead of _this?

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jQuery event handlers get an event object as an argument and that event object has target and currentTarget properties:

@nav.on 'click', (ev) =>
    @mover @nav.index $(ev.currentTarget)

You might want one of the other properties of ev depending on your specific circumstances.

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You should probably use ev.currentTarget if your @nav entries have nested elements – the descendants won't be found in the collection. – Julian D. Apr 21 '12 at 12:07

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